Palmdale man arrested in Clinkunbroomer homicide case



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L.A. County Sheriff Robert Luna announced the arrest of 29-year-old Kevin Salazar Monday morning, suspected in the Saturday ambush murder of Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer in Palmdale. Jeff Nguyen reports.

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Palmdale man arrested in Clinkunbroomer homicide case
Palmdale man arrested in Clinkunbroomer homicide case
Palmdale man arrested in Clinkunbroomer homicide case
Palmdale man arrested in Clinkunbroomer homicide case
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2023-09-19 20:28:35

The word coward offended the family. Like really? Charge them as well 😂

Juan Rivera
2023-09-19 14:54:41

Now the gang member has to fess up about his initiation by murdering a cop where the gang members are at

mike M
2023-09-19 08:29:57

How bad's our justice depts local and federal. They've got to articulate they'll aggressive prosecute a guy that possibly executed a cop randomly. Like doing anything like that would be treated any other way.

Marcus Blum
2023-09-19 06:51:54

Being mentally ill is a crime. Execute that criminal!

Richbar 1266
2023-09-19 05:30:42

One of his family members interviewed on TV was telling the media that this "piece of crap" is just mentally unstable so maybe they can plead "insanity" to keep this thug out of the penentetiary. Nothing but a fast track to gas chamber is the best punishment for this cochroach.

John Durrer
2023-09-19 05:28:57

I thought for sure the car would be stolen. What an amateur

2023-09-19 05:15:23

Oh but according to his mother he is mentally ill and stopped taking his meds 10 months ago. Amazing how they always have a mental illness when they assault or kill someone .

Patrick Connor
2023-09-19 04:10:31

It's a shame that piece of excrement made it to the police station alive.

AffordableWebsite Rescue
2023-09-19 03:14:59

Do they for sure have the right man?

Tom Space
2023-09-19 02:18:21

they hid him now family wants reward money

2023-09-19 01:59:55

We need Trump back so we can start deporting these people back to where they belong.

2023-09-19 01:56:31

I hope that this idiot realizes that he will never be able to go home again, if he's the correct one. They will show him no mercy in jail, prison, or in the courtroom.

2023-09-19 01:45:21

What do you think Gascon will do ?

Tom Space
2023-09-19 01:08:00

family hid him out. did not turn him in

Enrique Medina
2023-09-19 00:39:14

As usual a LATIN🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

John Moog
2023-09-19 00:38:52

Mexcrement - they’re not sending us their best

2023-09-19 00:32:07

No words from Governor Newsome, Shame

lee jacks
2023-09-19 00:31:32

This is why we need Trump back in office build the wall 🧱 keep the usual suspects out our country

F. D
2023-09-19 00:13:50

I guarantee you 100%, this kid was smoking and high on Meth. This METH is serious folks.....

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